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Through the mediums of language, image, schematics, among others, Jennifer Calkins (she/they) explores intersections, gaps, coincidences, emergence among the disciplinary fields of science, law, and critical theory that constrain, restrain, and mediate relationships among humans, nonhuman beings, and the more than human world. In her creative and legal work, Jen is informed by the multitude of alternative ways of knowing the world that survive, persist, and emerge within and outside of the dominant white-European world-view.

Jen completed an M.F.A. in creative writing in 1990, a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology in 2000, and a J.D. in 2018. Jen's peer reviewed publications touch on the behavioral, ecological and population genetic patterns emergent out of the social, reproductive, and family behavior of Callipepla quail, the evolution of avian reproductive proteins, Moby Dick, and the Paris Climate Agreement. For over a decade, Jen taught biology, evolution, and creative writing, first at UW and then at The Evergreen State College. As an attorney, Jen has represented people and organizations seeking environmental justice, and attention to the importance of attending to forests and wildlife,  in administrative and judicial settings.

Jen's hybrid work has appeared in a variety of literary journals.  Her books include the uncanny poetic fairytale A Story of Witchery, (Les Figues Press, 2006),  reissued by Punctum Books in 2023, and the lyric noir Fugitive Assemblage (3rd Thing Press, 2020). Currently, Jennifer is curating and participating in Delisted 2023, a collaborative creative emergent project engaging the extinction crisis.

Jennifer Calkins MFA, JD, PhD

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