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About Jennifer

Jennifer received her PhD from U.C. Irvine in 2000 and spent over a decade studying the behavior and evolution of birds and their reproductive proteins, and investigating the population dynamics of feral cat populations. During this time, she taught at U.C. Riverside, U.W and The Evergreen State College, and managed The Quail Diaries. 

In 2015 Jennifer returned to school and received a J.D. from UW Law in 2018. Subsequently, Jennifer served as a judicial clerk at the Washington State Court of Appeals Div. 1 for the Honorable Judge Leach and spent two years as the Western Environmental Law Center's first Diehl Fellow. In February 2023, she opened her own practice focusing on advocating for environmental justice in the areas of forestry and wildlife law, land back, and climate justice.


Jennifer's writing and art incorporate aspects of her experiences as a scientist and lawyer. She received her  M.F.A. in creative writing from Antioch University in 1999, while she was a graduate student studying evolutionary biology.  Her first book, A Story of Witchery, is being reissued early 2024 by Punctum Books. Her most recent book, Fugitive Assemblage, was published by The 3rd Thing Press in 2020. In addition to her legal advocacy, Jennifer is curating the creative, emergent, collaborative project Delisted 2023. Click here more information about her creative work.

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